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Friday 30 June 2017

the Prisoner - the essential guide Review by David A. Stimpson

   I am very impressed by ‘the Prisoner – the essential guide.’ The cover is well designed incorporating three photographs which I had never seen before. Rick Davy has obviously put a great deal of thought into the book which is well written and presented. Although any seasoned fan of ‘the Prisoner’ buying this book, will not find any information within its pages of which they are not already aware, it is a delight to read. ‘the Prisoner – the essential guide’ is an excellent book for anyone new to the series, in answering many questions, and the way it presents information about the series. It is quite astounding the amount of information that is packed into its 36 pages. So much is explained about the series and its production with a minimum of words. Anyone new to ‘the Prisoner’ would find it an absolutely invaluable introduction.
   Personally I was instantly attracted to the ‘Prisoner – the essential guide’ from a pictorial point of view, illustrated as it is with a large number of excellently reproduced photographs, many of the production photographs I had not seen before. I was especially intrigued with two photographs, one obliviously taken from the top of the portico of the Pantheon {Green Dome}, and one of director Don Chaffey who appeared to be wearing what I thought to be a Victorian gentleman’s smoking cap. So intrigued in fact, that I emailed Quoit Media Ltd asking if it was possible for me to see larger photographs of the two in question. Not only did Quoit Media Ltd kindly send the two photographs in question, but 7 others so that I could study them more closely, on the proviso that I keep them for personal viewing only, and so my curiosity was satisfied. I can confirm that director Don Chaffey is definitely wearing what I thought to be a Victorian gentleman’s smoking hat, complete with long tassel. I have never seen that before in any production photograph of ‘the Prisoner’, I find it quite astonishing!
   Rick Davy has my heartiest congratulations in producing ‘the Prisoner – the essential guide’ because although I discovered nothing new about ‘the Prisoner’ series itself there is plenty in it for me, as I was treated to a wonderful array of illustrations. And because of those photographs alone, I can highly recommend this book to both long seasoned fans as well as those new to ‘the Prisoner’ series. Take a bow Rick, and well done.

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