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Friday 19 October 2018

A Favourite Scene in A B and C

    When Number 6, having gained entry to the secret laboratory in the woods, walks along the corridor with a white envelope in his hands, he slaps his thigh with it a time or two. While on the wall screen Number 2 and Number 14 watch the pair of steel doors open, whilst the actual pair of steel doors remained firmly closed, and Number 6 enters the laboratory.
   “I owe you an apology.”
   “An apology?”
   “Yes……I forgot to give you this……..a bargain is a bargain.”
   Number 6 offers the white envelope to Number 2 as he watches the scene play out on the wall screen, and urges himself to open the envelope, he must see what’s in it.
   On the wall screen Number 2 opens the envelope, far from being the Prisoner’s letter of resignation, the content of said envelope is a collection of holiday brochures!
    “He was going on holiday!”
    “I wasn’t selling out, that wasn’t the reason I resigned” Number 6 tells Number 2.
   Number 6 settles himself on the operating table, and Number 2 is a broken man!
    It must have been difficult for Number 2, watching himself play out a scene he should be playing out in reality. Why it’s almost enough to make one question reality itself. More than that he was forced to watch his own failure! Number 6 wasn’t selling out, that wasn’t the reason he resigned. Number 2 said that they had researched and computed Number 6’s whole life, well someone got it wrong when it was supposed to come down to three people, A B and C. Well you can’t blame the computer, it arrived at the conclusion it did because of the information about the Prisoner’s life it was programmed with. And a computer is only as good as its programming!

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