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Saturday 13 October 2018

Six Is The One

    Am I the one? I don’t think I’m the one, because 6 could be the one, he’s important enough to be the one. Sometimes I think 6 is the most important man in The Village, after all everything appears to revolve around him. Why is that? After all he’s just a prisoner in The Village just like anyone else. I heard 6 suggest to 2 that he’s just as much a prisoner as he is. But of course he is, he knows too much. And even if he knew too little he’d still be a prisoner. Because once anyone works for The Village they instantly become prisoners, and there’s no escape, not for anyone.
   So 6 is the one, well its no wonder really the way he’s treated. Oh I know he’s put through the mill now and again, but no real harm befalls him. He has a future with The Village you see, he must be won over. No extreme measures are to be used, there are other ways. They don’t want him broken you see, they want him with a whole heart, body and soul, and not a man of fragments.  Lucky bloody him that’s what I say. But what about the rest of us? Why don’t any of us get the chance to be the one? What makes this 6 so damned special, what’s wrong with 7? That’s a good point, why keep 7 out of it? There has to be a 7 somewhere, somewhere someone has to be 7. I could be 7, 7 is the one, we want 7 seven is the one…..we want 7, 7 is the one, would be the chant. But then if 6 is the one, and 6 and 1 are 7. Then 7 is the magic number, and 10 is the interloper which was never originally wanted by 7. So should we reject the 10, but which is the 10 and which the 7? 1 to begin and 2 to finish, together they make the 3. Because there must be a beginning and an ending, and in-between is space just enough for 4! But 4 of which, or is it 4 of the other, in either case it leaves 6 remaining out in the cold, unwanted and uncared for. 6 left on the shelf, never to be seen again. Poor sad and lonely 6, no longer important to anyone!

Be seeing you

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