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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Quote For The Day

    “Well Stranger, fancy living in Harmony?”
 “Not my kinda town!”
 “It’s a good Town.”
 “Enjoy it.”
 “Why, what’s wrong with our town mister?”
 “Maybe I don’t like the way its run.”
 “Oh you just do as the Judge says, he’ll look after you.”
 “I’ll look after myself.”
 “It’s a good town.”
 “Keep it!”
       {Townsman and The Man With No Name - Living In Harmony}
    So the Man with No Name doesn’t like their town. He doesn’t like the way its run, but then he can say the same of The Village! It’s the Judge he doesn’t like, he’s a bad judge. Just as long as the town’s people keep in line, he takes care of them. But put one foot out of line, and well just look at what he allowed to happen to Cathy Johnson’s brother. The Town’s people turned into an angry mob and lynched Johnson. That’s rather like the time Number 6 had been put on trial for the possession of a radio. He had been found guilty, and sentenced to death. The Citizens at the Ball turned into an angry mob screaming for the Prisoner’s blood. If they had managed to get their hands on Number 6, they wouldn’t have hanged him…..they would probably have torn him limb from limb! And those were not the only times Number 6 was forced to face an angry mob! Remember the way the ladies sub appeal Committee led a vicious attack upon Number 6, before he was manhandled all the way to the hospital in order to undergo the operation known as Instant Social Conversion. But how easily the mob is pacified. The one by a hanging, the other by the supposed mental salvation of a fellow citizen. Except Johnson didn’t hang because Johnson and the towns people did not physically exist, and the other never truly happened either as Number 6 never underwent the operation, but was merely kept heavily sedated. Such is the ease that the citizens of The Village can be so manipulated. As for Number 6, he just doesn’t want to live in harmony, no matter what the circumstances he finds himself in!

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