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Monday 29 October 2018

A Favourite Scene In Dance of The Dead

    What is it they say, observers of life should never get involved! Well the Butler certainly stands aloof of such goings on, but then perhaps he just doesn’t like Carnivals! It might be said that he is above such things perhaps he is above such “bourgeois epatant of costume” As Langdale Pike once said to Sherlock Holmes!
    It’s strange, but when Number 6 looks out of his cottage upon his return to The Village at the end of the previous episode, this is the scene he looks out on. It has always given me the impression that Number 6 arrived back in The Village just in time for Carnival, no matter that Number 6 couldn’t possibly have seen this view from the window of his cottage. It’s the impression given that counts, and makes their scheming against Number 6 appear to be relentless! I wonder what those two frogmen are doing parading around the pool and fountain in the Piazza? Perhaps they came up from the free sea!

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