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Wednesday 17 October 2018

Quote For The Day

    “Sign your number here Number Six.”
                                {The postman – Dance of The Dead}
    The postman was making a special delivery to the cottage of 6 Private, an invitation to the Ball, and quite naturally the postman asked Number 6 to sign for it, as proof that the specially delivery had been made. But Number 6 declined to sign his number, was that because he refuses to acknowledge his number in any way? Or was it simply that he never signs for anything? Although he did once, during the previous episode Number 6 signed an I.O.U for 964 units on the counter in the General Stores for the provisions he had helped himself to, including a copy of The Tally Ho, as well as the camera. Perhaps that’s the reason Number 6 never signs his number to anything, because they might well have held Number 6 to that I.O.U he signed, and so had to pay the 964 Units outstanding!

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