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Saturday 13 October 2018

A Favourite Scene In The General

    Number 6 is sitting at the Café drinking a cup of coffee. A helicopter is circling above, he looks as though he is wondering who is just arriving, or maybe he remembers the time when he piloted the helicopter for a short time. But the truth of the matter is, the pilot of the helicopter is searching for someone, as it turns out it’s the Professor they are looking for. 
    There comes a public announcement
Number 6 asks for another cup of coffee, but the Cafe is closing, he did hear the announcement......
    “Another coffee please.”
    “Sorry sir, we’re closing……… did hear the announcement sir…..about the Professor.”
    “I’m not one of his students.”
    “One coffee sir…two credit units if you please……’re never too old to learn sir.”
    “Who told you that, the Professor?”
    “No sir, the General!”
    “The General?”
    “Best of luck with your exams sir.”
   “Thank you.”
   Number 6 doesn’t seem to be aware of either the Professor or the General, which begs the questions where has Number 6 been all this time? After all the Speed Learn experiment didn’t just begin over night, judging by the students and the announcement Speed Learn has been running for quite some time. Or at least that is the impression I get!

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