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Wednesday 17 October 2018

In The Village!

    It’s mainly a place for the gathering of information, to be extracted by fair means or foul, as well as protected. The Village is a place for human experimentation, technological breakthroughs, of misery, pain, and despair, for playing games of cat and mouse. A place to arrive at and to try and escape from, if you know the way!
    Prisoners and warders what’s the difference between them? There is no difference, everyone prisoner or warder they are all lifers because they are Village, except for the lucky few who are allowed to leave. Others remain for they have no choice in the matter, they reside in the cemetery!
    Number 6 since his arrival has led them a merry dance of the dead, and at times it been a right free for all, and it’s not been at all as easy as A B and C, and sometimes there has been a change of mind. But we listen, we listen for the chimes of Big Ben for they give hope. But the cat and mouse game usually ends in a checkmate win for Number 2, sometimes stalemate, or an occasional win for Number 6. The General idea is that the schizoid man should keep away from the girl who was death, because if not it’s you funeral! So do not forsake me oh my darling, and let there not be a fall out amongst friends. Because once upon a time it was like living in harmony, had it not been for Number 6 and Number 2 fighting like hammer and anvil! But if you have to go, remember it can so easily be many happy returns no matter where you go, sooner or later

Be seeing you

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