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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Cat And Mouse!

    I’ll have a double!
    A double what sir?”
    Do you want water with that?
    You don’t mean to tell me you water the stuff down, mind you that wouldn’t surprise me!
    They don’t need to water it down, and if they did it would be like drinking double water with water!
    Did I ask you?
    So why butt in, are you looking for a busted lip?
    Brute force never availed anyone anything!
    So keep out of it!
    All I was trying to tell you sir, is that all the drinks here are non-alcoholic! Gin, Whisky, Vodka all look the same and taste the same......but you can’t get quietly inebriated!
    Then what’s the point?
    The Cat and Mouse is a nightclub, and people come here to be sociable.
    Cat and Mouse eh, well whose little game are you playing?
    I am Number Ten, and you sir?
    I am not..........
    Oh please spare us, we have all heard such protestations before!
    I am not given to be a number.
    Your doesn’t have a number!
    You’re not wearing a badge.
    Then who are you and why are you here in The Village?
    I am a wanderer with no number!
    Oh no, you mustn’t be like that.
    Be like what?
    Different.....they don’t like you being different. How did you get here?
    I walked.
    You walked to The Village?
    Is that where I am?
    Don’t you know?
    No, but I remember it was a dashed long walk!
    You walked here, why?
    For a drink, and to use the telephone.
    Who are you going to call, I hope its local.
    You’ll find out.
   There isn’t going to be any finding out!
    Who said that?
    I did.
    And you are?
    I am Number Two.
    He’s the boss!
    The head man eh. Then this is for you!
    The man reached into his long black coat and brought out a small black leather wallet and Number 2 smiled
    For me?
    For your successor.
    You’re terminated!
    There was a loud report, and gun smoke filled the room. Two men in long black coats and top hats came running into the Cat and Mouse
    My God you fellows are quick!
    Who do you think we are?
    And who might you be?
    Looks like I’m the new Number Two! The man said pinning a brand new 2 badge to the lapel of his coat.

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