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Tuesday 9 October 2018

Caught On Camera!

   Observe if you will the blank placards in the above picture taken during the election in ‘Free For All.’ Of course Number 6’s face is on the other side of the placards hence his face hidden from view, well from the front aspect. It’s as though they didn’t want Number 6’s face seen too soon. And yet the citizens who walk behind those who carry the placards could plainly see Number 6’s face upon them. Then once Number 6 had given his first speech the placards would be turned round showing Number 6’s face to the camera. I suppose it might be asked why hold the placards at all if Number 6’s face was not to be seen too soon? Obviously for instant impact, Number 6 having been accepted by a large majority of the electorate as their local candidate. Mind you the instant appearance of the placards, especially the large “Vote for No.6” placard came as rather a shock to Number 6, the effect was to give him a nasty jolt. Which in itself should have been a warning to him. But by that time it was too late, he was carried along by the enthusiasm of the electorate! Certainly Number 2 was sure of his subject to have those election placards of Number 6 made in the first place! But then again he hadn’t personally knocked the placards up. And if Number 6 hadn’t gone for Number 2’s suggestion of standing for election, well the placards would simply have been thrown away, as they would have been disposed of after the election.

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