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Monday 1 October 2018

Village Life!

    “How is it with you man?”
    “Well I’m no end pleased that Number Two is well out of the way.”
    “Life here just didn’t suit him”
    “It doesn’t suit everyone.”
    “Wonder who we’ll get next as Number Two?”
    “Doesn’t matter who it is, as civil servants we have to serve each incumbent Number Two equally.”
    “We’ve had some decent Village Chairmen.”
    “And some have managed to last more than most.”
    “One Number Two was a proper statesman.”
    “Yes I remember him, he made out the Therapy Zone was a hideaway for alcoholics.”
    “Yes, Number Six managed to get himself elected as Number Two.”
    “He didn’t last five minutes in the job.”
    “Don’t tell me he resigned!”
    “No, he was pushed before he could jump!”
    “That first female Number Two who took his place.”
    “Oh yes I remember her, vicious she was. Imagine, going around impersonating Number Fifty-eight!”
    “Oh the things she would have done to Number Six if given half a chance!”
    “Yes but this last one….I had a feeling he wouldn’t last long!”
    “I’m going to visit him this afternoon.”
    “Are you, where?”
    “On the psychiatric ward of the hospital.”
    “So that’s where he ended up. I’d be careful if I were you.”
    “Well being dressed as you are, and in his current state of mind, he might get the impression you’re there to measure him for a wooden overcoat!” 

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