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Sunday 7 October 2018

Quote For The Day

    “You, me, Arthur, the Colonel.”
                          {Roland Walter Dutton – Dance of The Dead}
    So Dutton knew Number 6. What’s more there’s Arthur and another Colonel. Arthur always makes me think of Mrs. Butterworth’s late husband, he was an Arthur, formerly of the Royal Navy. Was he the same Arthur as Dutton mentioned? After all as Number 2 Mrs. Butterworth showed she was playing the same game as everyone else. Arthur might well have been recruited into Military Intelligence from the Royal Navy. But not a field agent, not if he was working for the Colonel. Fortheringay wasn’t really a field agent, he had to accompany the Colonel to The Village so as to help egg the pudding. Had Number 6 arrived in what he thought was an office he knew very well in London, and Fotheringay had not been there………... well that would have given the game away straight away! Perhaps Arthur was of the same calibre as Fotheringay. Although Dutton and Number 6 knew each other, they seemed surprised to see each other, Dutton more so than Number 6 I hasten to add. Perhaps Dutton thought his old colleague would have been too clever to have got himself caught! Unless Dutton thought his old colleague was working for The Village. What was it Number 2 once said, “You never know who you’ll meet.” Well Number 6 gets to meet a good many old friends and colleagues. But he never met up with Chambers. Obviously he arrived too late!

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