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Thursday 11 October 2018

In The Village!

    He brews his brew, plays with his chalk, this chemist, they then come along once a week, photograph the stuff on the blackboard, then clean it so that the chemist can get to work on another lot. Another lot of what, what’s he working on, and who sets the problem, for him to come up with some answer in a scientific formula? Is it supposed that this chemist will simply put his mind to some problem of his own, and come up with the answer in a scientific formula? He’s certainly good at formulating drugs, the potion was to the exact proportions, just enough to carry Number 6 through the election, and without any remembrances.
    So are we really to believe that this chemist actually lives in that cave? That he’s allowed to live beyond the pale of The Village? Brewing his illicit brew, and turning his cave into a place where citizens can go and get drunk, to be alcoholics in perfect privacy, just as long as they rejoin the flock in good time. It seems highly unlikely. More likely is that the so called Therapy Zone was mocked up simply for the benefit of Number 6. After all there was only he and Number 2 there, customers of the chemist.
    Number 2 sounds quite convincing though, when he gave that toast “To hell with The Village!” He had me going the first time I saw it. I once believed that Number 2 was sincere in his toast. But he wasn’t, far from it in fact.
    If the Therapy Zone in the cave
 had been mocked purely for the benefit of Number 6 during ‘Free For All,’ it makes one wonder if this was the first time. Or whether the so called Therapy Zone had been employed before for the benefit of another prisoner or prisoners!

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