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Sunday 21 October 2018

Village Life!

    “Poor old chap!”
    “Haven’t you heard?”
    “Heard, heard what?”
    “Why about The General.”
    “What about him?”
    “You know what happened with Speed Learn?”
    “I don’t watch television.”
    “You must be about the only person in The Village who doesn’t! A new Number Two arrives this morning.”
    “I never did think Number Two was fit for a further term, not with that stomach ulcer!”
    “It was a complete mess. The General destroyed, both the Professor, and Number Twelve dead of Administration, with Number Two permanently asking the question why.”
    “Is there going to be an enquiry?”
    “An inquiry into what?”
    “The failure of Speed Learn.”
    “Oh it will be swept under the carpet much like any other failure here, besides who’s to know?”
    “But you can’t cover up two deaths, what about Madam Professor?”
    “I’m not, and she will continue to live in The Village conducting her art seminars.”
    “And what about the students?”
    “Don’t you find it strange?”
    “How do you mean strange?”
    “It’s the citizens.”
    “What about them?”
    “Well not one of them has asked about the Professor’s lectures. It was only yesterday, and yet it’s as though the lectures had never taken place!”
    “What lectures?”
    “Oh don’t you start!”
    “You know what the trouble with you is.”
    “You think too much!”
    “At least I can, not being programmed by a computer!”
    “You shouldn’t talk like that.”
    “Someone might long have you been with us?”
    “Quite a long time.”
    “Obviously long enough to know better as to guard one’s thoughts!”
    “Do you know what I’m thinking now?”
    “I fancy a cup of tea and buttered toast.”
    “That’s remarkable!”
    “Not really, we always go for tea and buttered toast at the cafe this time of the morning.”
    “Not always, sometimes we have teacakes!”
    “Do you know what I’m thinking?”
    “Yes, that it’s my turn to pay!”

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