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Monday 1 October 2018

Thought For The Day

    Poor old Roland Walter Dutton, I wonder where they pulled him from? He certainly wasn’t a field agent because he told them all he knew, being unable to withstand the doctors interrogation techniques. What or how much Dutton actually knew is not known however its on record as him say he didn’t have access to the vital stuff. So it’s improbable he worked in the records department. Perhaps he’s one of these people who know too little who Number 6 once mentioned to the Colonel that time. I can see Dutton as being a 9 to 5 Civil Servant, a pen pushing bureaucrat working somewhere in the depths of the Civil Service. And yet he knew Arthur, and the Colonel, who would have been on the same lines as Fotheringay and the Colonel, as well as Thorpe and the Colonel. But why they chose Roland Walter Dutton to be abducted to The Village is unknown, perhaps it was simply because he knew too little, and that would be reason enough! The Village being a place to put people who cannot be left around, people who know too much, or too little……had Dutton like Number 6, simply resigned?

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