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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Caught On Camera!

    Outside the Recreation Hall, Number 6 gives Number 6 a boxing lesson. He seems to have difficulty in deciding whether he’s orthodox or south paw, whether to lead with the left or the right. A punch to Number 6’s solar plexus sends Number 6 tumbling down the steps, while Number 6 stands looking down at Number 6 lying on the ground. He’s feeling pretty smug with himself, as it seems Number 2’s agents just aren’t what they were. Then there comes a blood curdling roar from the Guardian. Number 6 looks to his left and sees the approaching Guardian. The way the brief shot of Rover is cut-in to the film, it makes it appear that the Recreation Hall is next to Number 6's cottage! It is just a pity that they didn't think of filming a long shot of the approaching Guardian when filming on a back-lot at MGM film studios at Elstree. Then there would have been no need to cut-in that shot of the Guardian filmed at Portmeirion, and would have made for better continuity!

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