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Friday 5 October 2018

No.6 A Plant?

   When I first ever watched ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ I thought this Number 2 had got it right, that Number 6 was a plant. Twice he went running back to his so called ex-colleagues in order to make his report. It wouldn’t be the first time he had infiltrated a place such as The Village, as happened in Colony Three in the guise of Robert Fuller. That was the time he successfully, infiltrated a typical English town of Hamden New Town, but somewhere behind the Iron Curtain on the Steppes of Russia. It turned out to be a training school for spies in the Danger Man episode. However then there was a British agent working in Sekcja 1 {Section 1} who helped get Drake out of Hamden. But this time there is no such person to help get Number 6 out of The Village!


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