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Friday 19 October 2018

Life Outside The Village!

    How ironic it is, that Number 6 should happen upon a British Police road block, which was looking for an escaped prisoner! What were the chances of that happening? At least now he has positive identification of which country he’s in. Mind you the iconic white cliffs, and the Beachy Head lighthouse should have told him that. But after having been incarcerated in The Village, isolated from the rest of the world, he was having difficulty trusting reality. I did once wonder why Number 6 didn't give himself up to the Police. But then thinking about it, he had no form of identification. His appearance was one of a man who had been sleeping rough for quite a long time. Indeed they may very well have taken him for this escaped prisoner they were looking for, and arrested him on the spot. So it was just as well that Number 6 kept himself out of sight, otherwise he may very well have found himself on the run once again. Because had he been caught by the police, let him then try and prove his identity!

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