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Wednesday 31 October 2018

Village Life!

    “How is my husband, doctor?”
    “He’s doing remarkably well under the circumstances.”
    “It’s that Number Six’s fault!”
    “He’s a known troublemaker. But I believe this is the first time he has resorted to such a personal attack.”
    “What will happen to him?”
    “Nothing I shouldn’t think, he’s already in prison, not much more they can do to him.”
    “I didn’t mean him, I meant my husband.”
    “Oh I see. Well just be thankful he wasn’t lying in the bed at the time of the attack, otherwise your husband would be lying there with his head bashed in!”
    “You have a strange bedside manner doctor!”
    “Just think yourself lucky you have me as your doctor. I can think of a couple of my colleagues you wouldn’t want anywhere near your husband!”

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