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Thursday 25 October 2018

To Hell With The Village!

    I used to think that when Number 2 gave that toast in the Therapy Zone, that he really did mean those words “To hell with The Village!” He seemed so sincere, after all there was no surveillance, and yet Number 2 was himself a plant. It was all part of the game, and Number 6 wasn’t intoxicated, merely drugged.
   In a way it was rather like Number 2 in ‘The General’ when he told Madam Professor that what Number 6 wants is what we all want ultimately…….to escape. Number 2 once told Number 12 that his thoughts regarding the Professor should be carefully guarded. It would seem that Number 2, not only should heed his own advice, but he cares as little for The Village as that of one of his predecessors. The one left in the helicopter, which he piloted himself, the other may well have also left via helicopter. While the one didn’t fail, the other was twice a failure and both cost Number 1 dear. But it may be expected that he too was permitted to leave The Village. Either that or he was to remain in The Village a prisoner……… or experienced a worse fate!

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