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Wednesday 6 February 2019

60 Seconds With A Former No.6

    Alright I admit it, it was me all the time, okay, you satisfied now? Who else could it have been other than me answer me that? You can’t, because you have no idea! I wanted to be Number One right from the start. I was being put to the test through a number of ordeals, and the only way to become Number One was to survive. But better than that, to prove myself worthy to be Number 1. When it was offered to me I found that I didn’t want it, so I throw the offer of ultimate power back in your faces!
    I was persecuting myself you see. There I was in a good job, travelling the world on her Majesties Secret Service, and he made me throw it all away, and had me brought here to this Village! He did this to me, my other self, Number One, he’s my own worst enemy! And I only have myself to blame for it! Do you know what I am going to do to him when I lay hands on him I..........
   Oh shut up the lot of you…………….what have I done to deserve this?

Be seeing you

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