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Wednesday 20 February 2019


    Anytime now is a good time to watch Hammer Into Anvil, which is my intention any time soon. Why? Spring is almost upon us, and the daffodils are coming into flower, and is a good marker for Hammer Into Anvil.
   There was a vase of daffodils in Number 73’s hospital room which is fair enough. And later in the episode when Number 6 went to the cemetery looking for a no longer existing or functioning number, someone had placed a bunch of daffodils on 73’s grave. Who in the village was there to do that? In the original script there is the following description of the final scene. “P looking down at the grave of 73. there is pain and pity in his eyes. Then he squares his shoulders. His expression is grim as he walks away.” This final scene was cut from the finished episode, and yet was the scene not retained in the episode as described above? Who in The Village would have laid flowers on 73’s grave, if it wasn’t her avenger Number 6…….her husband perhaps, finally tracked down and brought to the village!

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