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Wednesday 6 February 2019

The Prisoner

                   The Day After!

    Because there are gaps between the episodes of the Prisoner we know so well, I have sometimes wondered about what Number 2 {the former Number 58} would have done to Number 6 the day after the election in Free For All. Seeing as she was responsible for Number 6 taking a beating in that cave and the fists of the two motor mechanics, I could imagine how brutal she might have been towards him. Not physically because after Number 6 had been brought before her battered and bruised, he still refused to talk. So perhaps her approach towards might well have been of a more mental torture than physical. On the other hand, Number 2 might have allowed Number 6 to recover from the beating he took, and then to order his medical, just to make sure he was fit for any contingency she may have in mind. However might it not have been more fitting, continuity-wise to have Rachael Herbert as Number 2 in The Schizoid Man? But thinking about it the start of The Schizoid Man would not have begun the day after Free For All, and yet preparations leading into The Schizoid Man episode would have to have begun long before, during those four weeks leading up to the village festival, and probably before that. Which would have given Number 6 time to recover, and for Curtis to learn 6’s mannerisms, the way he walked, talked, and behaved. So thinking about it would have been possible for Rachael Herbert to be Number 2 in The Schizoid Man, but then perhaps I’m thinking too much about it!

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