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Saturday 2 February 2019

The Prisoner’s Own!

  “Slippers” said the doctor on the occasion of the Prisoner's medical, the day after his arrival.
    “My size?” the Prisoner enquired.
    “Naturally” replied the doctor.
   Well they would be wouldn't they, because were they not the Prisoner’s own slippers? Perhaps the Prisoner should have made comment about that. But he didn’t. But they were used slippers, and if they were not the Prisoner’s own, one would have thought they could have found him a new pair to wear. Unless of course The Village has a recycling policy! And yet it could be realised that the pair of slippers given to the Prisoner to wear were his own, those belonging to Patrick McGoohan that is. This in the same way that the pair of spectacles Number 6 found in the breast pocket of the white coat and wears in the episode ‘Dance of the Dead,’ are also McGoohan's own spectacles. If not, then the lenses are of plain glass so that he could see properly, as with John Drake when he was in the guise of an insurance investigator in the ‘Danger Man’ episode ‘Say it With Flowers.’ But then remembering that the spectacles were taken from the pocket of a white coat, they had to belong to someone. And therefore the Prisoner's vision should have been impaired by said spectacles!

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