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Monday 11 February 2019

Village Life!

    “Have you seen today’s Tally Ho?”
    “It’s dated!”
    “How do you mean dated?”
    “Its got a date stamped on it, Feb tenth. Since when did copies of The Tally Ho have a date stamped on them?”
    “What’s the headline?”
    “Is Number Two fit for further term?”
    “Well that’s what dates it! Remember that Number Two who messed up because he was under the impression that Number 6 was going to sell out.”
    “Well you are obviously reading a back issue of The Tally Ho, as that headline referred to him.”
    “You mean it was him who wasn’t fit for a further term in office?”
    “Yes, because of that stomach ulcer he was suffering from.”
    “But what about the date Feb tenth, and then there’s the headline.”
    “Oh I see, well you must have been reading The Tally Ho from a year ago.”
    “I was sold this newspaper only this morning!”
    “Then there must be a question over the current Number Two.”
    “How can there be? He’s only just arrived.”
    “Then….oh I don’t know.”
    “You can’t explain it, can you?”
    “No more can I!........By the way, have you seen that Number Six recently?”
    “Well I have, he’s going about wearing a white jacket with black piping. What’s more I caught him whistling!”
   “And you’re point being?”
   “Whenever did Number Six go about the village wearing a white jacket, or was heard whistling?”
    “I see…..never!”
    “There’s something funny going on!”
    “You’re too suspicious that’s your trouble.”
    “Alright then, how is it I’m sold a copy of The Tally Ho dated the tenth, when today is the eleventh?”
    “We’ve gained a day!”
    “But why?”
    “How should I know?”
    “Number 2 is up to something!”
    “When isn’t she?”
    “No he.”
    “Number Two is a he, not a she.”
    “Oh I can’t keep up with all this. Let’s go to the café for a cup of tea.”
    “And tea cakes?”
    “But of course.”

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