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Saturday 2 February 2019


    She must have been in the Village for a very long time, since the war perhaps, maybe before the war. But what was it that had such a dear little old lady brought to the Village? Perhaps she once worked in a Government department, or the private secretary to someone of importance. She might have been a female agent working for the S.O.E {Special Operations Executive} during the war. But there can be no doubt that during all her years in the Village Number 38 must have seen many changes. The introduction of the Mini-Mokes as taxis, cordless telephones, the free electronic information board. The helicopter, the introduction of new modern household appliances. It would not surprise me if Number 38 told them all the information she knew, whatever that may have been. But if she had been a member of the S.O.E, I expect she gave Number 2 and his interrogators a very hard time, and didn’t give up information easily. On the other hand, this sweet little old lady might just have been recruited to work in the Village as a maid or waitress. And therefore now lives in quiet retirement in the Old People’s Home, but now at least with those 2,000 credit units she can afford an extra little treat now and then!

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