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Friday 8 February 2019

One Of These Days……..

   If I am not so very careful I shall turn full circle and end up where I began when I started writing my blog, much like the Prisoner before he handed in his letter of resignation. And then I’ll find myself beginning all over again! But then what would be the point of that?
    Once upon a time the Prisoner was something of a personal thing for me, probably because I had no medium with which to express myself when it came to the Prisoner. Not until I began writing for a number of Prisoner based fanzines back in the 1990’s. Now through my blog the Prisoner has become a very public thing, and even more so now through my book The Prisoner Dusted Down. And that’s good, because it means I can express the Prisoner in different ways, and people enjoy reading what I write. It has been said that my blog is unique, that no-one writes about the Prisoner as I do, and that to me is most gratifying. As I always like to find new angels to approach the Prisoner from, and that was my idea for writing The Prisoner Dusted Down, I wanted to write a completely different book about the Prisoner when compared to others. There’s no episode guide as such a thing is not necessary, because we all know the story behind the 17 episodes. Besides if it’s an episode guide people want there are plenty of those about in books as well as on-line. It has been my pleasure to bring something new about the series to the table in new information, details, and having made new observations about the Prisoner on both my blog and within the 496 pages of Dusted Down. It’s a book which I felt has been called for, for a long time, which is different to previous books, and unique in its approach to the Prisoner as readers of the book are finding.
   I did wonder if in having given the Prisoner a thorough dusting down, would that bring about an end to my writing about the Prisoner on my blog? Happily that has not been the case so far. But one of these days if I’m not so very careful………but then again there is always Prisoner fiction to write.

Be seeing you

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