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Thursday 28 February 2019

A Favourite Scene In Hammer Into Anvil

    Number 6 “Yes good morning.”
    Number 214 “Good morning sir. Can I help you?”
    “Yes. I’d like to insert a…..a private advert in the personal column of the next issue please.”
    “Certainly sir. What is it?”
    “I have it written down. There you are.”
    “Hay mas  mal……”
    “Hey mas mal en el aldea que se suena.”
    “Nine words. That’ll be three units please sir.”
    “Spanish isn’t it?”
    “Yes Cervantes, Don Quixote.”
    “Oh yes.
    “A sort of personal joke between myself and a certain friend.”
    “I see. “That word Aldea, doesn’t that mean village?”
       That’s all fine and dandy, the full quote being “y cómo hay más mal en el aldegüela que se suena” by the way. A nice little scene in which Number 6 it trying to be mysterious, there being more harm in the village than is dreamt. Well there is while Number 6 is in it! But its
a nice looking kiosk which sells picture postcards, confectionery, beach balls, but why is Number 214 selling copies of the previous day’s edition of The Tally Ho?

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