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Friday 8 February 2019

Quote For The Day

    “I resigned for peace, for peace of mind, because people know too much, I know too much about you!”
                                {Number 6 – Once Upon A Time}

   Number 6 stated that he knew too much about Number 2, how was that? Through his previous job? From newspapers, and talk at social parties? Back then people moved in the same circles, either through work, or social position and that way people got to know about other people that way. Basically I think Number 6 is a private person, he likes to mind his own business and probably expects others to mind theirs! I wonder how he would have taken to social media? I couldn’t see him posting comments about what he had for breakfast that morning, where he’s going on a particular day, what he’s doing, and liking this or that. What’s more he doesn’t like giving away any form of information, whereas today people are only too keen to give information away about themselves on social media. People seem to have a need to be liked by others, and in turn that makes them feel good about themselves. I wonder how Number 6 would feel about that? And yet through social media enthusiasts are brought together through mass communication, if someone has an idea about the Prisoner and wants to tell the world about it, then they can in a few clicks!

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