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Thursday 14 February 2019

Echoes of The Prisoner!

    If you have ever wondered what happened to Number 86 when she left the village in disgrace {disgrace because of the way she allowed Number 6 to turn the tables on her in A Change of Mind} well here she is living in London. By the looks of it she has been out shopping, doesn’t look very happy does she? Perhaps because she is no longer important as she once was back in the village, and wishes she was back there!
   Alright I’ll hold my hands up, of course this isn’t the character Number 86 played by Angela Browne in the Prisoner, which makes me guilty of transposing a character of one television series to that of another. But it was so easy to do when I watched Angela Browne as Rachel Thyssen walking down a street in Man In A Suitcase – Man From The Dead.

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