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Monday 4 February 2019

Thought For The Day

   In ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ the new mural in the library is made mention as one of Number 2’s achievements. I wonder what that mural was of, and for that matter who painted it? Might it not have been Number 118, that artist fellow who painted Number 6’s portrait that time? I can’t see the village Administration bringing in an artist from the outside, so it could have been Number 118. But no, there is someone else, someone who is a proven artist with plenty of time on her hands, the widow Professor. I admit that’s a peculiar form of address, but when you don’t know the lady’s name, and she certainly had no number the last time we saw her. Anyway I can’t see Number 42 painting a mural on a wall, well I can, but it took him long enough when he was painting that yellow arch that time in ‘Checkmate!’ So there are plenty of painters about the village, but natural artists are thinner on the ground. So my money would be on the widow Professor. Now the only question is, what might the subject have been? Something classical maybe, or a simple scene of a group of villagers with the Village in the background. Or maybe a line of different Villagers, the shopkeeper, the painter, electrician, gardener, waitress, and waiter, and a lady in the colourful striped cape all in front of a white background!

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