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Monday 4 February 2019


    After the events of The Chimes of Big Ben Fotheringay is told to get back to London before any embarrassing questions are asked. Embarrassing questions? Perhaps Fotheringay wasn’t supposed to be away from the department, but certainly he was working for the village seeing as he wanted to know what his next assignment was to be. Not that he was heavily involved with this assignment however his being there was important. Had he not been, Number 6 may well have smelled a rat, as he would have expected to see Fotheringay and not just the Colonel. It does seems likely that one day Fotheringay himself once woke up in the village to find himself a prisoner, just like Number 2, and perhaps even the Colonel. However Fotheringay is to leave the village for London, and in time the Colonel would join him. I can imagine the Colonel would have some questions to answer before he was permitted to leave. But the failure wasn’t his, there was nothing the Colonel could have done about Post 5’s wrist watch. But what of Potter, formerly a manager of the Labour Exchange and Number 2’s assistant. I don’t expect he was allowed to leave the village, he may well have made the place his home. Perhaps he found personal importance in such a place, as in his previous work he was a man simply to “fetch and carry.” He was certainly not a man to be relied upon, just ask Colonel Hawke-Englishe……, that’s not possible now. Did Potter have contact with the Colonel and Fotheringay? I shouldn’t have thought so, being tucked away in the Control Room, and no longer Number 2’s assistant!

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