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Monday 18 February 2019

Quote For The Day

    “But I must have them!”
    “For the last time, your week’s credit allowance is all used up. Come back tomorrow.”
   “But I can’t go through an entire day without my sweets!”
                     {Number 36 and the Kiosk attendant - It’s Your Funeral}
    Thursday is Appreciation Day, so the day Number 36’s weekly allowance had been all used up by was a Wednesday, and there was still another three days in the week, so how would Number 36 manage? The kiosk attendant told 36 to come back tomorrow. Why did he tell her that? Thursday was generally payday in Britain at that time, so perhaps that’s the day in The Village when weekly credit allowances were placed on credit cards, and Number 36 would be able to satisfy her sweet tooth. Except Number 6 bought her a bag of sweets, seeing another lady in distress, although Number 6 said “Candy.” Number 2 said Number 6 never eats candy, and that’s an Americanism. Being English Number 6 should have said a bag of sweets!

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