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Sunday 24 February 2019

A Favourite Scene In A B and C

    A, made World news a few years ago, in fact defected about 6 years previously, it would seem that’s a familiar problem when considering Chambers late of the Foreign Office. Number 6 was going to meet with Chambers in order to make him change his mind before the “big boys” found out. But Chambers never turned up because agents working for the Village got to him first. So having defected A turned up in Paris, at one of Engadine’s celebrated parties, why? Perhaps he was looking for likely targets who he could blackmail for information, or meet with counter espionage agents. After all he did kidnap Number 6. And what of Number 6? He resigned his job, thinking of going away on holiday, to Paris perhaps, in any case he turned up at one of Engadine’s celebrated parties himself, and he was certainly no stranger to Engadine, so he had been there before. Perhaps Engadine’s house gave refuge to defectors. Certainly she gathered quite a salon of seemingly important and influential people about her, including spies, one a notorious one!

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