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Saturday 16 February 2019

Echoes of The Prisoner!

   Another transposable character from the Prisoner to Man In A Suitcase is the Colonel, he was supposed to return to London following Fotheringay. However the assignment in the village during The Chimes of Big Ben had not gone well for the Colonel, as he failed to extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation. Number 2 suggested to Fotheringay that he return to London before any embarrassing questions were asked. Perhaps for the Colonel it was already too late, his career in tatters, and forced to resign. However he didn’t end up back in the village as a prisoner, he was allowed to pursue another career, as the landlord of a public house in an out of the way village. Pictured above with McGill in the episode All That Glitters, poor old Colonel, it’s a bit of a come down for him.

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