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Wednesday 20 February 2019

Village Life!

    “You’ll never guess what I saw this morning.”
    “Nothing would surprise me about this place!”
    “You know how I live just around the corner from the
Bell Tower.”
    “Practically next door, the bells not keeping you awake again?”
    “No. Well I drew back the curtains and looked out to see four chaps manhandling a stone statue up the steps of the Bell Tower!”
    “Why would they doing that?”
    “I opened the window and shouted out what are you blokes doing?”
    “And what did they say?”
    “Taking this damned statue up to the top of the
Bell Tower.”
    “On whose instructions?”
    1st Workman “Number Two told Number 14, and he told us.”
    1st Workman “The chain of command I suppose.”
    “No I mean why are you taking that statue to the top of the
Bell Tower?”
    1st Workman “Oh. No idea!”
    “Number Two must be going round the twist don’t you think?”
    “He must have his reasons I suppose.”
    2nd workman “You know what don’t you?”
    1st Workman “No, what?”
    3rd workman “He means that at some point Number 2 is going to want this statue brought down from the top of the
Bell Tower!”
    Workman “Not when I’m about!”
    4th workman “We could just push it off the top when the time comes.”
    1st workman “Well never mind all that for now. Come on lads take the strain.”
    “Why should Number 2 want a statue taken to the top of the
Bell Tower?”
    “I’ve absolutely no idea. But I find it’s always best to humour him.”

    Later that morning 
Be seeing you

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