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Tuesday 12 February 2019

All The Fun of The Party!

    The music’s playing, all the guests have now arrived, everyone who is anyone attends Madame Engadine’s celebrated parties. People chatting, mingling, drinking, and generally enjoying themselves. Well you know what parties are.
    Elderly couple
    “Good evening.”
    “Hello, how are you?”
    “Well enough.”
    “Have you just arrived?”
Engadine always has the best parties we always say.”
    “If you’ll excuse me.”
    “Of course dear boy.”

    Couple in doorway
    “Have you got it?”
    “But you promised me you would bring it with you to
Engadine’s next party.”
    “It would have been missed.”
    “Do they suspect you?”
    “No....I don’t know. Security has been stepped up. Have you got the money?”
    “Yes, but you must get those papers for me..............”
    “I’ll try.”

    Couple in foreground
    “Look I’m sorry. I only touched you in the arbour!”
    “That’s not where you touched me. What kind of girl do you think I am?”
    “Look, can you lend me twenty francs?”
    “What do you want twenty francs for?”
    “I’m meeting Louis later this evening, he’s going to sell me some gear.”
    “What kind of gear, not drugs!”
    “Course not, what do you take me for? I’ve bought a motor bike, and Louis is going to sell me the gear to go with it.”
    “Well you’re not getting me on the back of a motor bike!”
    “Don’t be silly, it’ll be great. Oh come on don’t be like that, come with me to the arbour.”
    “Yes I wish you would go to the arbour.”
    “You do?”
    “Yes, then you can go and drown yourself!”

Be seeing you

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