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Sunday 10 February 2019

Feb 10th

    Today is February 10th, and so I thought the day should be marked. Because February 10th is the only date which appears in the village, apart from February 11th that is. Admittedly the date does appear twice in both A B and C and The Schizoid Man, but once was done so inadvertently, when it was The Tally Ho headline that was important. The trouble with Feb 10th appearing on The Tally Ho used in two episodes is that it gave vent to the belief that both A B and C and The Schizoid Man took place on the same day. Either that or there is a year between the two episodes!
   The date printed on The Tally Ho was a contrivance in order to help convince Number 6 of the date, except it was the wrong date, it should have been Feb 11th. Because Number 6 went to sleep on the 10th, and when he woke up supposedly on the next day, he should have changed his day-date calendar to the 11th, as one doesn’t do that when one goes to bed the night before!
   So February 10th is the only date referred to in the village, granted a Thursday is mentioned, that’s Appreciation Day but no date is given for that day.
   Today being Feb 10th perhaps a screening of The Schizoid Man is the order of the day, and of course one month today is the village festival. That is an event which Number 6 will not be free to attend, because he’ll be at sea aboard his raft!

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