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Sunday 10 February 2019


    Number 6’s abduction must have been planned well in advance, because back in The Village Number 2 would have needed to know of his arrival in good time. Because the Round House would need to be refurbished, since its previous occupant left, if not the whole of the cottage, certainly the study area. Redecorated, refurnished, and filled with exact replicas of everything found in the Prisoner’s study back in his London home. Reconstruction work of that kind would not have been carried out overnight. Of course it might only have been the study that needed to be replicated, the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom may well have remained as they were, because although we know that both the shower and bedroom are upstairs, we do not know what they looked like in the Prisoner’s London home. Although the shower door does open to the left, so that remains the same, and they might have put the shower taps on the wrong way round!

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