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Monday 18 February 2019

Echoes of The Prisoner!

   Such have been the echoes of the Prisoner in the first episode of Man In A Suitcase covered recently on my blog, making it appear that it was almost trying to be the Prisoner, or at least the aftermath of that series. After all what would have happened to the former Number 6 had the series had a straightforward ending? Eventually he would have had to learn to live with what had been done to him, and then sort out his future. Employment opportunities would have been limited for an ex-secret agent, Callan found that out that working for a grubby little import/export business for £8 a week wasn’t up to much. Like McGill, the former agent ZM73 could well have given up his house, after all he wouldn’t want to live in house purchased for him by those responsible for having had him abducted to the village. That might well have left him living out of a suitcase like McGill! However unlike McGill who only knew Intelligence work, ZM73 did have another string to his bow in having built his Lotus 7 kit car with his own hands, which demonstrates ZM73’s mechanical ability. So a job working in a garage as a motor mechanic would not have been out of the question.
    Of course it had not passed me by without notice that at the start of the series Man In A Suitcase that McGill had already been “late” of American Intelligence for 6 years, so fictionally that’s long before ZM73 handed in his letter of resignation. And production-wise the Prisonerism’s within Man In A Suitcase – Man From The Dead are unmistakable, or perhaps they are merely coincidence, but I think we can allow coincidences, I think we can.

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