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Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Schizoid Man

    Curtis has just arrived in the village. He woke up feeling a little strange, perhaps not quite himself, and somewhat disorientated. There is a telephone call from a man who does not announce himself, “Good morning Number Twelve, I hope you slept well after your flight, I’ll expect you for breakfast in fifteen minutes” but he never said who he was, or where to go. He should have added “Number Two, the Green Dome,” as Number 2 said to the Prisoner-Number 6 on the day of his arrival, otherwise how does Number Twelve, who is supposed to be newly arrived in the village that morning, know who was calling, and where to go for breakfast? I realize that its Number 6 Number 2 is talking to, but the same would have applied to Curtis on the morning of his arrival in the village!

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