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Friday 22 February 2019

A Favourite Scene In Free For All

    Its Number 6’s last chance to get his message across to the electorate, “Place your trust in the old regime, the policies are defined, the future certain, the old regime forever, and the old Number Two forever. Confession by coercion is that what you want? Vote for him and you have it! Or, stand firm on this electoral platform and speak a word without fear, the word is freedom! They say six of one and half a dozen of the other, not here, its Six for Two, and two for nothing, and Six for free, for free for all vote, vote.”
    Poor old Number 6 he was wasting his time, but then he had plenty of time to waste, and so might as well stand for election while he was waiting……waiting, waiting for what, another chance to try and escape? That would probably be an even bigger waste of time, and he’d expend more energy that way, not that he didn’t take the opportunity to try and escape in this episode. That just goes to show that Number 6 as a candidate for the position of Number 2, is not a man of the people, given the way he tried to get away from the Village it suggests that he’s only looking after his own interests. And just when he was doing so well, mind you it could have been worse. Instead of running for election as the new Number 2, he might have been co-opted onto the town council!

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