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Sunday 17 April 2016

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   Number 2 “Ah my dear….I’m afraid he’s made a bit of a mess of your masterpiece.”
   So Madam Professor was aware that it wasn’t her husband lying in that bed, and so when she let out a scream, it wasn’t her husband she was screaming for, but her masterpiece when Number 6 brought the full weight of that walking stick down upon it, smashing the sculpted head of her husband the Professor. So why then did she look so puzzled about it at the time?
   Madam Professor “What does he want?”
   Number 2 “What some of us want ultimately….to escape!”
   I always thought Number 2 should hearken to the words of his own advice which he gave Number 12. That Number 2’s words of escape he spoke to Madam Professor should be carefully guarded. After all you never know who might be listening!

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