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Thursday 14 April 2016

Thought For The Day

    ‘The Pri5oner,’ a 50 year old television series in the making back in 1966 to 67. There is a great deal we know about ‘the Pri5oner,’ equally there is much we do not know, nor shall we ever know. Just as there is much which we see happening, there is much which takes place that we do not see.  For even today there are a number of aspects which will forever remain wrapped in mystery, and that is quite remarkable for an almost 50 year old television series. All of which gives much food for thought!
   All we can do is to interpret what we see, and imagine that which we do not, and make of it what we will. The rest we have to live with, and accept for what it is. The butler for example, he’s equally mysterious as The Village itself. We know something about The Village, we know a little about the Pri5oner known as Number 6, yet we know even less about the butler! As for the Guardian, or Rover if you prefer, it’s a weather balloon, other than that you can make it up as you go along. An alien being, a genetically engineered thing born in a Petri dish in a laboratory, or the symbolism of one’s fears. After all, who is there to deny you are wrong?
    There still remains unanswered questions, but perhaps we are as much to blame for that as Patrick McGoohan. He deliberately didn’t give any direct answers, because he wanted us to figure out the meaning of ‘the Pri5oner’ for ourselves. It’s not his fault if we have failed, and we have to live with that. All one can do is arrive at an understanding of ‘the Pri5oner’ which suits ourselves. The rest we live with. Next year, commencing in October, I will be watching ‘the Prisoner’ as I did as a boy of twelve. No, not sitting in front of the television wearing short trousers. But watching in black and white rather than in colour. My video player has the ability to change colour programs into black and white. And for once, I’ll not sit there thinking about it, but watch it for its pure escapism.
    One year my wife and I were actually in Portmeirion for one anniversary of ‘the Pri5oner.’ I know of one person who intends to be there next year for the 50th anniversary. However for my wife and I, The Village no longer enthrals us as it used to. It no longer captivates our minds, its spell broken.
   As for ‘the Pri5oner,’ it’s still there, as much as ever it was. And I shall keep writing about the series, for as long as I am inspired to do so.

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