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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Time On His Wrist!

   Why is it, when Number 6 reveals that he’s not got a mole on his left wrist, he’s wearing a stainless steel banded wrist watch, when his regular wristwatch has a leather strap? He puts it on the bedside table each night beside the day/date calendar. More then that, how did Number 6 come by this wristwatch with the stainless steel band? It’s not on the bedside table with the day/date calendar, in fact it’s not in the bedroom at all. And neither is he wearing it when he wakes up. You would think Number 6 would notice something like that wouldn’t you? I mean that he’s wearing a different wristwatch, and to remark upon it, seeing as he’s up to the mark on his personal possessions. Those magazines aren’t his, and the statuette should be gilt not silver. Perhaps the watch belongs to Curtis, and seeing as how that’s who Number 6 is supposed to be, well then it would be natural for him to be wearing such an item. And yet, that still doesn’t explain how he came by it!

Be seeing you


  1. Handcuffs. Don't forget he's a prisoner. ;-) - BCNU!

    1. Hallo Arno,

      Handcuffs, that's very good. I'd take no chances and have him in leg irons as well. Or put him in The Village stocks so that the citizens could pelt him with rotten fruit and vegetables, and bad eggs. The humilation would be indescribable, Number 6 would soon talk! Oh, The Village doesn't have any stocks does it!

      Best regards
      Be seeing you