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Sunday 24 April 2016


    “I risked my life, and hers to come back here, home, because I thought it was different. It is isn’t it, isn’t it, different?”        {Number 6 - The Chimes of Big Ben} 

   No Number 6 it wasn’t different, it was just about the same, except it was the Colonel asking the questions and not Number 2. You see old chap you had not escaped the Village at all, in fact The Village has always been closer than you could possibly have imagined. What’s more you are all alone now, there’s no-one who can help you. Even that Fotheringay is a backstabber! There’s no-one you can either trust or rely upon, no-one save for yourself. Everyone is working for The Village and against you! Mind you that was a stroke of luck your having that chap’s wristwatch, if yours hadn’t become waterlogged. Mind you even if your wristwatch had been waterproof the result would have been the same, as I suspect your watch would have been set at the same time as the one belonging to the chap in the cave. So now you know, it’s a lesson learned at the very least. It might be expected that Fotheringay got away with it, having been to The Village, and returned home before any embarrassing questions had been asked. But perhaps not so the Colonel, as when you were leaving his office he looked a worried man. Oh well off you go, back to your cottage, it’s the only place you can ever go!

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