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Monday 11 April 2016

Caught On Camera!

    Communication! This Number 2 of ‘Checkmate,’ although he’s not talking to Number 1, but to the Supervisor Number 56 about Number 6 having stolen a Mini-Moke, and Number 8 having done like-wise has gone after him, he is using the red telephone. This red telephone is usually reserved for speaking to Number 1. So what was the Supervisor doing telephoning Number 2 on the “hot-line?” Red telephones being generally noted for being the “hot-line” between two very important people.
   However he’s not the only Number 2 to make such an error, ie using the red telephone to speak to someone other than Number 1, if indeed it is an error. The interim Number 2 {Derren Nesbitt} in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ speaks to Number 1 via a yellow telephone. Is that an error, or doesn’t it matter which colour telephone Number 2 uses to speak to his superior?
   On further observation about this Number 2, he is the only one to use an intercom to communicate with the Supervisor!

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