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Friday 29 April 2016


    Rook “Look are you sure this thing’s safe?”
    Number 6 “Of course I am, stop grumbling.”
    “It’s alright for you, you’re not the one going to sea on this contraption. Two rubber lilos tied together with a length or rope, I ask you!”
    “Well no-one is asking you. I’m an expert in raft construction, trust me.”
    “I don’t know, I’ve been bossed about ever since I encountered you. What’s more you turned me into a thief, and now I’m being forced to put my life at risk!”
    “Soon we’ll be free, just think about that. Isn’t that worth a risk or two?”
    “But it’s not been you taking the risks.”
    “If it hadn’t been for me, there wouldn’t have been an escape plan.”
    “Something’s bound to go wrong. This things sinking already.”
    “Good, you’re supposed to be in distress!”
    “I might be taken for a refugee!”
    “Good, you’ll be able to claim asylum.”
    “You know what that makes you, don’t you.”
    “No what?”
    “A person trafficker!”

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