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Thursday 28 April 2016

The Therapy Zone

   What’s the name of this place? You’re new here aren’t you? Where? Do you want breakfast?  Where is this? The Village? Yes?…….. Well The Village could be anywhere, on the coast of Morocco, south west of Portugal and Spain, it might be an Island. On the other hand it could be on the north Wales coast. And yet be in none of these aforementioned places, but purely in the mind! It might be a place dreamed up in the imagination, or it might be based on a real place, Butlins holiday camp for example. Well what with the colourful clothes, the piped blazers along with the public address system giving out announcements about the weather and what the ice cream flavour of the day is. Or keeping the holidaymakers, I mean citizens, informed about all the activities and entertainment which have been organised for their benefit, and that’s without the daily programmes of music. It’s no wonder people want to get away, to escape, their lives controlled every minute of the day. Being told what to do and when to do it, I mean have you ever been to a holiday camp? What was it Number 6 once said? “You can enjoy yourselves, and you will,” that implies whether you like it or not! At a holiday camp one is expected to “join in,” there is no room for the individual who wants to do things on his or her own. Not to have to join in, but simply to sit in a deckchair and relax without being bothered by people in bright coloured piped blazers doing their best to cajole you into becoming involved, when all you want to be is left alone. Well if that’s your attitude, it might have been best if you hadn’t resigned that job, then you wouldn’t be here. Better still, it might have been better if you had gone on a fortnights leave somewhere else!

Be seeing you


  1. Compulsory enjoyment. Because everybody likes strawberry ice-cream. Why wouldn't one? Obey your social media companion! Pay attention to your smart watch! Use the steps, not the lift! Keep running until your calories have been burnt up. Everybody amuses oneself, is happy these days. Listen to the weather warning, be sure to take an umbrella with you. Showers later! - Alway say: Be seeing you!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Your comment just about sums up life today for some people, and how it has to be organsied. People who are told what to do at a certain time, and what not to do. People's lives governed by technology. It seems incredible, people wearing smart watches to monitor their pulse, heart rate, how far they walk in a day etc etc. Mobile phones were once a novelty, now most of the human race cannot live without them!
      "They'll look after you, for as long as you live!"

      Best regards
      Be seeing you