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Monday 18 April 2016

Appreciation Day – So it Must Be Thursday!

    “This is the moment ladies and gentlemen, the great moment when we can all show our appreciation of our respective Number 2’s.”
   What exactly did the Top-Hat administrative official mean by that? During the Appreciation Day ceremony the departing Number 2 in saying his farewell to them, the citizens are afforded the opportunity to pay their tribute to their departing leader. As well as showing their gratitude to a man who has ruled them so wisely. And in paying respects to their retiring Number 2, they also extend their warm welcome to his successor, their new leader, their new Number 2. So that’s what the administrator meant by respective Number 2’s. But might there not be another meaning to the use of the word “respective” meaning proper to each or several. After all the retiring Number 2 wasn’t “proper” to Number 6, meaning Number 2 wasn’t his Number 2. Because when he paid a call on Number 2 in the Green Dome he didn’t know who Number 2 was.
    Number 6 looks puzzled as he stands in Number 2’s office.
    “Number Six isn’t it, I’ve been expecting you.”
    “I want to see Number Two.”
    “I am Number Two.”
    This could of course have been another attempt to disorientate Number 6 by presenting him with another new Number 2 as they did in ‘Arrival.’ Only he’s not a new Number 2, as he’s due for retirement soon. Thus the “respective” or proper Number 2 to Number 6 is the blond haired interim Number 2. And the same can be said of any citizen who has had no dealings with the retiring Number 2, or indeed with the interim Number 2. Their Number 2, might be someone altogether completely different!

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